My New Coturnix Quail

Welcome to backyard quail.  I decided to raise a few coturnix quail in my back yard and this site is the journey.  Here is a quick shot of my birds.  I decided on quail because city ordinances did not allow me to have chickens.

coturnix quail
My new coturnix quail

2 thoughts on “My New Coturnix Quail”

  1. Do your quail have any place to go besides those cramped wire cages? That doesn’t sound all too great to be a quail in that case.

    1. While I appreciate your concern for the birds, these breeding cages are of sufficient size. Since this picture was taken, I have gone to a only three birds per cage – 2 female, 1 male giving even more room per bird.

      I got these cages from a farmer who told me they came from the State of Illinois. The state had a program to have people raise and release birds back into the wild in an attempt to replenish the wild quail populations. I am sure the state researched proper breeding cage size.

      My birds are happy, well feed, and a little spoiled to be honest.

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