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Well it has been hotter and drier than hades here in the mid-west.  My birds are really slow on the egg production.  Been keeping them good on fresh water and feed, but when it is a 107 degrees I understand if they decide not to lay.   I’m going to wait for it to finally cool down (has to eventually right??) and then determine which ones to cull.  Around that same time I plan to order some eggs (new blood line) and hatch out some replacements.

How about everyone else?  How is the summer treating you and your birds?

Side note:  regarding the bunnies, thanks to the intense heat we had to move them inside.  We were doing the frozen 2 liter bottle thing, but it wasn’t enough.  The pregnant does was looking pretty bad.  Now fingers crossed that a little air conditioning will allow her to complete her pregnancy successfully.

My new favorite show is Barter Kings. I have been inspired to do a little cleanup and get rid of some stuff I don’t use for some stuff I might use. 🙂 It started when I listed some old exercise equipment, I have gotten several offers, power washers, car stereos, but nothing that interest me yet. I am going to wait it out as I know New Year’s resolution time will be when I might get some better offers.

For a few weeks I have been contemplating getting some rabbits to raise as a meat source. I already I have a rabbit hutch I use as a grow out cage for the quail, so why not. Plus for those keeping score I am raising quail to cover the fowl department, I have tilapia in my aquapontic setup to cover the sea food department, I just needed a red meat source to have the complete protein set up in my small suburban backyard. Rabbits are small and quiet, so they are perfect to keep the neighbors happy. I was looking online for someone close and with a good low price. I really don’t have any money to be spending on this new hobby or at least that is what my loving wife told me, so I was really looking for someone with a “Free Rabbits” posting.

After going through the offers for the exercise equipment, it finally hit me, why not try to trade quail for rabbits and save my cash. That’s just what I have tried. I listed them and didn’t get any hits at first, but then realized I had them in the wrong category. I re-listed and had three offers (two for cash and one for the rabbits I wanted) within 24 hours. I now have arrangements to trade the 5 week old quail I recently hatched (15 total remaining) for two does and a buck New Zealand mated trio of rabbits. Woo Hoo! This ROCKS!! Anyway, I will be making the trade this coming weekend and will post an update with how it went and maybe some bunny pictures. 🙂

UPDATE. So I made the trade, meet the bunnies, first picture is the buck, the second is the doe.  They are both Giant Flemish/New Zealand mixes.  As an added bonus the female is already breed and should give birth in about two weeks – what have I gotten myself into??????