Mid-summer Update

Mid-summer coturnix quail update

Well it has been hotter and drier than hades here in the mid-west.  My birds are really slow on the egg production.  Been keeping them good on fresh water and feed, but when it is a 107 degrees I understand if they decide not to lay.   I’m going to wait for it to finally cool down (has to eventually right??) and then determine which ones to cull.  Around that same time I plan to order some eggs (new blood line) and hatch out some replacements.

How about everyone else?  How is the summer treating you and your birds?

Side note:  regarding the bunnies, thanks to the intense heat we had to move them inside.  We were doing the frozen 2 liter bottle thing, but it wasn’t enough.  The pregnant does was looking pretty bad.  Now fingers crossed that a little air conditioning will allow her to complete her pregnancy successfully.

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