Late-summer Update

Late-summer coturnix quail update

So things have cooled down to normal – in the 90’s.  The birds have started laying a little better, but still not what they did last year.  I did have a problem with the newest ones I hatched not laying so I swapped the male with another one that I knew was “productive” and a week later one of the two females started laying  Just wait and see now if the other one joins in.  If that all goes well I will see about switching the males back to their original cages.


Bunny update: well right on time the doe had a litter of 7 with 6 surviving.  They are 3 weeks old now and very active.  They have started eating and drinking like a big bunny, so weaning them at 6 weeks should be no problem.  Now the challenge will be the first time I try to breed her to the buck next week.

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