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So things have cooled down to normal – in the 90’s.  The birds have started laying a little better, but still not what they did last year.  I did have a problem with the newest ones I hatched not laying so I swapped the male with another one that I knew was “productive” and a week later one of the two females started laying  Just wait and see now if the other one joins in.  If that all goes well I will see about switching the males back to their original cages.


Bunny update: well right on time the doe had a litter of 7 with 6 surviving.  They are 3 weeks old now and very active.  They have started eating and drinking like a big bunny, so weaning them at 6 weeks should be no problem.  Now the challenge will be the first time I try to breed her to the buck next week.

Well it has been hotter and drier than hades here in the mid-west.  My birds are really slow on the egg production.  Been keeping them good on fresh water and feed, but when it is a 107 degrees I understand if they decide not to lay.   I’m going to wait for it to finally cool down (has to eventually right??) and then determine which ones to cull.  Around that same time I plan to order some eggs (new blood line) and hatch out some replacements.

How about everyone else?  How is the summer treating you and your birds?

Side note:  regarding the bunnies, thanks to the intense heat we had to move them inside.  We were doing the frozen 2 liter bottle thing, but it wasn’t enough.  The pregnant does was looking pretty bad.  Now fingers crossed that a little air conditioning will allow her to complete her pregnancy successfully.

Don’t tell my wife, but I have a group of eggs scheduled to hatch this weekend. My initial spring hatch didn’t leave me with a good ratio of male to female, so when she wasn’t looking I put another batch in the incubator. Just hope she doesn’t read this blog. 🙂

UPDATE: 22 new additions to the flock. Told the wife, she was okay with it cause she thinks the new hatches are cute.


Babies started hatching Tuesday night / Wednesday morning. In the end it was my normal 50% hatch rate with a total of 22. I was a little disappointed to see my eBay purchased netted me three Taxas A&M white quail even though the description clearly stated they where jumbo brown – not assorted. We have to complain and see if he makes it right.

So I got additional eggs from a local source to experiment with adding a fan to my incubator.  I was hoping the fan, plus the eggs not having to travel through the mail would increase my hatch rate.  Last time I got less than 10%, which for the first time was better than nothing.  Last night on day 16 I had already gotten about 50% hatch, hoping for more today.

I will update with some pictures later.

Welcome to backyard quail.  I decided to raise a few coturnix quail in my back yard and this site is the journey.  Here is a quick shot of my birds.  I decided on quail because city ordinances did not allow me to have chickens.

coturnix quail

My new coturnix quail