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So we have had a few eggs in the incubator and right on time, day 17, they started to hatch.  Percentage wise we didnt do very well, but the fact that ANY hatched considering we have no idea what we are doing is great.  We had four hatch so far, one is a little deformed not sure it will make it.  Check out the pictures.

I read online somewhere that cheeper or squealer is what you call a baby quail.  We call ours Gnarls cause it sounds tougher.  🙂

Welcome to backyard quail.  I decided to raise a few coturnix quail in my back yard and this site is the journey.  Here is a quick shot of my birds.  I decided on quail because city ordinances did not allow me to have chickens.

coturnix quail

My new coturnix quail