Spring 2012

Spring 2012

I have been a little lax in my posting, but with good reason: I took the winter off. My new favorite phrase: “I sent all my birds to freezer camp” last fall because I didn’t want to deal with stomping through the snow to replace frozen water. But who would have guessed 4th warmest winter. 🙁

Anyway spring is here and time to get back at it. I ordered some eggs on EBay and they came in over the weekend. I gave them a couple days to settle from traveling and placed them in a warm moist incubator this morning. 17 days should have chicks a cheeping. I stuck with the jumbo brown quail as they are easy to raise and identify the sexes. Plus they are good layers and meat birds – dual purpose.

My plan is to order a couple different sets of eggs over the next couple of months to diversify my flock DNA.

I’ll keep you posted on the hatch and have a great spring!

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