Raising quail for eggs

Raising quail for eggs

Just my two cents, but raising quail for eggs are a great alternative to chickens if your local government prohibits chickens or you just want to try it out. They are easy and cheap to get started. They require less space than chickens – heck you could keep them in a bird cage in the house like parakeets. The eggs are good, nutritious, and fresh. Give it a try!


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  1. Hi all, I have hatched 12quail on 22 jan 2014 , they have all grown well , but l have had no eggs as yet , could i be doing something wrong? They are now on quai mix seed please help (could I be that unlucky to have all boys). Thanks TJ

  2. A couple of things to consider. In order to lay eggs quail require a high protein diet, sufficient water, 12-14 hours of day light and proper cage spacing. Typically the problem this time of year in the US is light, days get longer as the season progresses into summer. I have added artificial lighting on a timer to insure 12-14 hours of light a day.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Hi all
    I’m considering to raise quail in my large patio. My patio is one floor above the street level. There are 2 cats in the unit below me on street level. My questions are:
    1. Are quails smart enough to not jump off the balcony or wonder onto the drainage pipe all around the patio?
    2. I’d prefer quail to be free range esp I’m growing my own patio garden. I’m not sure what I can do to protect them from cats, raccoon and crows?

    1. I have never heard of free ranging quail with any success, especially on a city patio. I would recommend a cage to keep them from wandering off and protecting them from predators.

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