Summer 2013 Update

Summer 2013 – Backyard Quail update

So been busy this summer with the new chickens – spent most extra time working on the coop (see pics).

But the thing I learned was it Is not good for egg production to drastically change what you are feeding your quail. I had run short so I feed them chicken crumbles for a couple days till I could get to the feed store. Needless to say it took over a month to get them back to “normal” laying.


2 thoughts on “Summer 2013 – Backyard Quail update”

  1. Hi. I just came by to return the blog visit and thank you for taking the time to comment on mine. Interesting that you raise quail. I can see why folks said my guinea keets looked a little like quail.

  2. I’ve found the same problem every time I cut to a lower protein content feed.

    Egg production (and bird growth when younger) is definitely affected by the amount of protein they have in their diet.

    I prefer a 30% protein ration when I can get it…the typical 18% chicken layer crumbles just doesn’t work.


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